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We have a team of dedicated and skilled employees at KimTa, many of whom have been with us since we started business in 2013.

Bags, Backpacks, Accessories and More...

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer to work with on the development and production of your bags and backpacks, we might just be the partner you are looking for…


When the world returns to normal, we welcome you to visit our factory in person.  Until then, check out our photos and videos to learn more.



We currently work with clients from all over the world, from New Zealand to Europe, Australia, USA and also from here in Asia.

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"Our business wouldn’t have launched and grown to be the successful global brand it is today without Kim Ta! They’re customer support is world class, their quality and attention to detail is top-notch and we’ve really enjoyed building friendships with them over the years. If you read the 600+ five-star product reviews on our website, you’ll see that Kim Ta’s quality shines all the way through the end-consumer experience. I highly recommend Kim Ta to anyone with a mid-sized business that’s looking to work with a professional, approachable and down to earth team to take their product line to the next level. This is a factory that will adapt and grow with the needs of your business, demands from your customers and vision of your designers. We love Kim Ta!"

Jake Orak

Founder & Head Designer of Ethnotek